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Dead Space remake officially announced by EA

Published: 00:56, 23 July 2021
Dead Space may be returning very soon
Dead Space may be returning very soon

EA has officially announced the Dead Space remake which was barely a secret thus far. Unfortunately , we didn't get to see much.

Dead Space games can get pretty due to lack of illumination, which is missing for the purposes of horror, but while that can pose a problem for obtaining visual information, it wasn't at fault for fans not learning pretty much anything about the remake that was supposed to be shown at EA Play.

The remake leaked a while ago and it was already known that it would take cues from Resident Evil remakes. For some reason, the EA Play reveal didn't contain anything besides what we already know from the leak. 

It will be exclusive to PC and the current generation of consoles, presumably because of the graphics bump that the game will receive and the story will once again focus on Isaac Clarke who is oblivious of the tragedy that has consumed USG Ishimura as he tries to reach his partner, Nicole.

The trailer itself didn't reveal much as it's only a teaser that just showed a glimpse of Isaac and approximately one necromorph in total. Whoever made the trailer nailed it with the tone and that's one thing fans can remain hopeful of - that the devs will replicate the feeling of dread and the creepy atmosphere that made the original game such a success.

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