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H1Z1 goes free to play, is Daybreak Games repeating Planetside 2?

Published: 18:57, 08 March 2018
Daybreak Games
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Daybreak Games, or as they're often lovingly referred to 'They Break Games', have decided to go the Planetside 2 way and make H1Z1 free to play. The decision comes a mere week into full release, a testament of how wrong a company can go.

Much like one of their earlier titles, Planetside 2, Daybreak's H1Z1 started as one big bag of promises, only to devolve into a living, breathing mess that almost foreshadowed the path PUBG will take a bit later.

Daybreak Games Two men shooting at a target in a firing range H1Z1

H1Z1 was buggy, didn't deliver on given promises and cheating's been the norm, rather than exception. Recent popularity of survival shooter titles such as Fortnite: Battle Royale and the aforementioned PUBG most certainly didn't help and the game's launch was more like deflating a balloon than the spectacular launch the devs must've had in mind.

Customers who shelled out for the H1Z1's 1.0 version will get an Appreciation Pack with goodies, including victory crates and in-game currency. To be fair though, I'm not even sure these players will notice, seems most of them aren't coming back to H1Z1.

Daybreak Game Company Screenshot from H1Z1 showing the Armoured Recon Vehicle. H1Z1 Auto Royale

Ironically enough, having been an avid Planetside 2 player, I clearly recall the day Daybreak decided to severely cut Planetside 2 spending in favour of their new pet H1Z1. Don't mistake this for bitterness - it's just that one would think that all that development time wouldn't have gone in vain.

Daybreak's Planetside 2, even though in my personal opinion the greatest shooting game ever, period, is a clear example of how a majestic idea and ultra-realistic concepts can be ruined by poor management, player relations, autocratic decision making against the spirit of the game and more. And trust us when we say there's more.

All in all, while we're sure H1Z1 will be staying for a while, Daybreak has proved that what they do best, is breaking games.

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