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Dark Envoy looks like a CRPG for Divinity: Original Sin fans

Published: 06:38, 08 August 2019
Event Horizon
Promotional image for Dark Envoy by Event Horizon
Dark Envoy

Event Horizon, the team behind Tower of Time have announced a new CRPG called Dark Envoy for late 2020 release. It will borrow heavily from Divinity: Original Sin and its sequel but will have a slight altered, steampunk-ish setting.

Event Horizon is not that well known independent developer studio from Poland but those who know about them probably already enjoyed the heck out of their first title, Tower of Time. It does have 87 per cent positive reviews on Steam after all.

Fans will get a chance to enjoy another title in late 2020, when Dark Envoy releases. According to the official description on , the game is inspired by XCOM, Divinity, Dragon Age and Mass Effect series.

At first glance, it would appear we have a proper CRPG on our hands if you mash some elements from each of those games together - tactical turn-based combat, deep story, choices that change the in-game world and players take control of a party of heroes, rather than just one super-soldier or hero that gets all the baddies on their own.

The features listed by Event Horizon support this theory but with a few twists. The developers are also promising high replayability due to not being able to experience all the content in a single playthrough, likely due to branching choices. Other games listed as inspiration had similar mechanics but it remains to be seen how much content will remain untouched due to branching narrative and whether it will be worth more playthroughs.

One other, perhaps even more interesting twist are the game modes. Players will be able to embark on the adventures solo, in co-op and in Player versus World mode.

Event Horizon Picture of an Assassin doing her job in Dark Envoy Dark Envoy

That last one is particularly interesting since it pits one player against the other in a unique setting - Player 2 becomes the final game boss and attempts to find Player 1 and kill them before they get too powerful.

System requirements are not available yet but that's not surprising since the game was just announced itself.

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