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Echo developer Ultra Ultra shuts down for unknown reasons

Published: 12:52, 08 May 2019
Updated: 16:12, 08 May 2019
Ultra Ultra
echo screenshot showing a female character in black suit inside of a white building

Ultra Ultra, the Copenhagen based studio behind the indie title Echo has officially cased to exist. They announced the decision on Twitter but did not state the reasons, only that their unique stealth game will remain available on stores.

You may remember the story-driven stealth game Echo that released in 2017 for its unique take on adaptive AI and the world, which is a Palace that creates copies of the player character, known as Echoes.

These copies serve as the game's main enemies and the Palace modifies their behaviour to adapt to players'. Echo received mostly positive reviews on Steam and at the moment, the score sits at 81 per cent, while on Metacritic, it's a bit lower - 72 out of 100. 

And while many expected that Ultra Ultra, the development team behind the game, built on the success of Echo, it looks like that hasn't been the case as the Copenhagen based studio has shut down for unknown reasons.

On their official Twitter account, Ultra Ultra only briefly said they "ceased to exist", thanked everyone for the support and confirmed that Echo will be available for purchase on all stores.

"We’re terribly sad to report that Ultra Ultra has ceased to exist. We are grateful to have had the chance to crystallize something truly from the heart. ECHO will remain available on stores," the devs wrote on Twitter.

Last year, Echo was the most nominated game at Nordic Game Awards where it ultimately won three awards, including Game of the Year. Shortly after, the game caught the attention of the film industry and as earlier reported, Fenix Studios obtained the licence to make a movie based on the game's world and characters earlier this year.

Fortunately, the film is still going as planned despite the closure. "Yes, the film is still in the works," Ultra Ultra wrote on Twitter.

Ultra Ultra screenshot showing a female character in black suit aiming at enemy in white hallway Echo

All in all, closure of a development studio is a sight no one wants to see, and Ultra Ultra really created something different and never seen before with Echo, which makes the whole situation even sadder.

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