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Cyberpunk 2077 gets an awesome music video for No Save Point

Published: 10:05, 14 November 2020
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Cyberpunk 2077 - To Night City!

Night City has a lot of tales to tell and some of them not via Cyberpunk 2077's gameplay, but rather by its music, and No Save Point is a prime example of that.

The song is not credited to Run the Jewels in the main title, although it is there in parenthesis. Instead, the full name is No Save Point by Yankee and the Brave. 

Whatever the branding ends up being though, you're unlikely to see a better musical ad for CDPR's highly, nay madly anticipated game. The lyrical themes are unmistakeably Cyberpunk 2077, right from the get-go:

Swallow all my drugs 'til the pain is unplugged

When the laws of entropy touch, you better dread the judge

Wiser men than us been crushed to fine dust

When the fortune cookie tell me I'm f***ed, I just shrug

In related news, Cyberpunk 2077 will let you customise your nails and, strangely enough, your teeth, although on second thought - having your body customised to look like a beast definitely could use some dental reinforcement. After all, you want to look as mean as possible in Night City, for more than one reason. 

Some of Cyberpunk 2077's achievements have also leaked via GoG's store , and they include City Lights, which requires completing all gigs and NCPD Scanner Hustles in City centre, and Full Body Conversion, which requires installing at least one implant in each system and body part.

The date for Cyberpunk 2077's fifth episode of Night City Wire has been confirmed , and we know it will be all about Johnny Silverhand . His story is ingrained in the lore of the entire series, unpacking of which should be a blast, or should we say - breathtaking.

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