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Cyberpunk 2077 dev talks street stories and global illumination

Published: 07:53, 03 February 2020
CD Projekt REd
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CD Projekt Red's John Mamais recently confirmed that Cyberpunk 2077 has 75 street stories, which are secondary quests similar to The Witcher 3's contracts. Mamais also hyped up the game's lighting which is apparently "breathtaking".

Cyberpunk 2077 will have secondary quests named Street Stories, which are basically the same as the witcher contracts in The Witcher 3. John Mamais, CD Projekt RED's Cracow team boss talked about these Street Stories in the latest interview. Mamais confirmed that Cyberpunk 2077 will feature 75 stories, which is a pretty big improvement over The Witcher 3, that had around 35 witcher contracts in the base game.

Mamais did not go into detail about these street stories and what exactly players can expect to see but he did say that stories are like little quests that will not feature advanced cinematic storytelling sequences so often. At the moment, 15 developers are working on open-world quests that feature several layers. 

"There's a passive layer, which is the vendors, then there's the STSs, which are the street stories," Mamais said. "I think there's around 75 street stories. Then there's minor activities as well."

Mamais also talked about some technical aspects of the game including the global illumination, which is yet to be fully revealed to the public and it is going to be "breathtaking". 

"Our director keeps talking about the real-time global illumination system which we haven't really seen in its full beauty yet. No one in the public has seen how it's finally going to look. It's going to look more breathtaking than we've seen so far," Mamais explained.

As for the sound, Mamais mentioned the acoustic system, which sound programmes specifically created for the game. Apparently, it is going to sound "really realistic" because of the way they are using the geometry. 

"It creates this reverb effect so that changes as the space changes. If I were a rich gamer, I'd definitely go out and buy Dolby Atmos system to listen to this game. It's going to be very immersive, deep and beautiful-sounding," Mamais concluded.

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