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Crysis Remastered will run at minimum 1440p 30FPS on PlayStation 4 Pro

Published: 07:46, 30 June 2020
Crysis screenshot showing nomad

Speaking to PlayStation magazine, Crysis Remastered developer Saber Interactive confirmed that the game will run at a minimum of 1440p 30FPS on PS4 Pro and 1080p 30FPS on the base console.

Tomorrow, we will get our first gameplay of Crytek's visually enhanced shooter Crysis. As you may know, Crysis Remastered is coming to PC and consoles, including Switch, with enhanced visuals and ray tracing. And while many players expect yet another stunning masterpiece, it looks like the game will not look significantly better than the original

This could mean that PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch won't have any issues running the game at acceptable framerates since the game will be further optimised by Saber Interactive, the studio working on the remaster.

In the latest issue of PlayStation Magazine, Saber Interactive CTO Anton Krupkin talked about the performance players can expect from Crysis Remastered on PlayStation 4 consoles.

He said that Crysis Remastered will run at minimum 1440p 30FPS on PS4 Pro but can also reach 4K thanks to the dynamic resolution. As for the base model, Krupkin says that 1080p 30 FPS will be the target.

"Crysis Remastered will run at minimum 1440p 30FPS but can reach 4K through dynamic resolution or 1080p performance mode on PS4 Pro and 30FPS on the base PS4," Krupkin expained.

Crytek Cryengine screenshot showing crysis remastered Crysis

Furthermore, Saber CTO said that the team implemented new features and improved the existing ones. Crysis Remastered will have SVOGI (sparse voxel global illumination), TAA (temporal anti-aliasing), new tone mapping, improved depth of field, motion blur and brand new SSR (screen space reflections), parallax occlusion mapping and SSDO (screen space directional occlusion).

The devs also implemented numerous art fixes for terrain, vegetation, materials and other models in the game.

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