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Crusaders Kings 3 Royal Court expansion Inspires characters

Published: 02:17, 11 August 2021
Paradox Interactive
Crusader Kings 3
This throne room needs some artifacts to fill the space

As you may already know, artifacts are making a triumphant return in Royal Court. Inspirations are one of the ways to acquire artifacts, and the process differs from CK 2.

Characters throughout the world can gain what is called Inspiration. Inspirations come about as a character is seeking to create something extraordinary, resulting in the character wanting to pursue the means of realizing their inspiration. They may want to write a great tome of knowledge, weave a tapestry, or forge a magnificent crown! 

There are many different kinds of inspirations, all resulting in various types of artifacts upon completion. Inspiration can be broad, such as someone wanting to merely forge a weapon, or very specific like a character wanting to forge a sword.

Inspirations only occur for landless characters. Inspired characters will travel the world, from court to court, seeking a wealthy monarch to sponsor them and their creation. Realms with a high grandeur will be able to attract inspired characters more frequently than those with low grandeur. Granting them a higher chance at receiving skilled craftsmen that will be able to forge an artifact to meet your expectations. Inspirations make landless characters useful, besides just pushing their claim to some land.

Once an inspired character arrives at your court, you can choose to sponsor them by giving them the gold they ask for. The amount they ask for is proportional to their skill. The skill that is relevant depends on the type of artifact they want to make. For example, a weapon and the quality it gets are dependent on the character’s Martial and Prowess skill. Writing a book, on the other hand, scales with Learning.

Paradox Interactive Crusader Kings 3 - Funding an Inspiration Crusader Kings 3 - Funding an Inspiration

After funding an inspiration, it will take some time for the character to create the artifact. During the creation progress various situations can happen, such as the character asking for better materials to work with, for example, or a plethora of other things that occur as in-game events. The decisions these events make you decide on, influence the quality of the artifact that is being made.

An inspiration gains progress similar to that of a scheme. You’ll gain progress depending on a chance each month, making the actual time it takes to complete vary. Once the inspiration reaches full progress, the character will approach you to present their creation.

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