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Crusader Kings 3 Royal Court expansion adds new weapon looks for duels

Published: 06:39, 29 December 2021
Paradox Interactive
Crusader Kings 3 - New duel header
Crusader Kings 3 - New duel header

The medieval period is characterized as many things, but having a small number of weapon options to choose from is not one of them. As such, Paradox bring us weapon examples the Royal Court expansion will update.

With the Royal Court, a plethora of new weapon looks will be made available. They can be carried into duels, or shown off in your courts where they will be placed prominently on weapon stands for all to view. In the most recent teaser, Paradox showed off a few more of them up close.

When they are crafted or generic weapons are wielded the game will pick an appropriate weapon from the culture of the character's origin. So any weapon a character has acquired and equipped in their personal inventory will be wielded.

As for their examples, Paradox were not shy and showed off swords, sabers, axes, daggers, and spears. Aside from these, developers have also shown us examples of maces, all but confirming the existence of Mjolnir in the game, with the next expansion.

Paradox Interactive Crusader Kings 3 - Swords Crusader Kings 3 - Swords

Unfortunately, graphics leave something to be desired, When the weapons are displayed in your Royal Court, rather than used in duels, they look as they are floating beside the wall, rather than being placed upon it. The solution to this problem is a, relatively, simple one. Placing them on holders would negate the way the weapons seem to float parallel to the wall.

In any case, the Royal Court expansion will, according to this teaser, give players even more options in customizing their dynasty rulers.

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