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Crusader Kings 3 patch 1.4.2. going live with hotfix changes

Published: 15:36, 22 June 2021
Paradox Interactive
Crusader Kings 3 expansive updates
Crusader Kings 3

Paradox Interactive games are vast puzzles of many interconnecting pieces, which are bound to cause a bug or two. To combat these issues, developers regularly update and hotfix their games.

In the most recent patch, which is going live today, June 22,  certain issues have been found to impact the game in a negative way, and the developers are on the task of combating them before the wider player base gets affected.

Balance-wise, ambitious characters will no longer suffer from the stress condition if they sign a white peace, after fighting a defensive war. Also, to curb gift exploitation, rising opinion via gifting will now be capped at 100 and will be decaying 2.5 times faster.

On the AI side of things, the player units will now receive help from AI units when attacked while moving, and tribal rulers may now be offered vassalage by the AI. User Interface, on the other hand, has had problems regarding Mass Ransoms. No longer will Mass Ransoms give out 0 gold, and the option is now easier to execute, with it being instant if the recipient is the AI.

Bugfixes are numerous but can be divided into aesthetic bugfixes, such as the jester hat appearing less often on portraits after the year 1300, or events allowing beards and hair to be changed, and gameplay bug fixes, which are more important.

Paradox Interactive Character find presets are available in rules designer Character find presets are available in rules designer

Customized characters will now start off with Men-at-arms, just like any other in-game character, Sparta will be a Holy Site in saved games, but Olympus will be used for any new playthroughs, and the issues of dead people overflowing the game and causing it to crash are now taken care of.

Further fixes are also in effect, such as the fixing of casualties in a siege battle, and faction criteria being enforced onto counties properly.

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