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Crusader Kings 3 Dev Diary summary of latest updates

Published: 12:46, 08 June 2021
Paradox Interactive
Crusader Kings 3 expansive updates
Crusader Kings 3

In the recent patches, quite a few changes have been made in preparation for the cour expansion. Most of those fly under the radar, due to their sheer amount, so a summary is in order.

Crusader Kings 3, as with all Paradox Interactive games, thrives on updates and fixes. Such is the case with the latest update, and we bring you the summary of the ten-page long document, regarding changes and bug fixes.

The free features aim to improve the game's quality of life and add diversity to characters and their interpersonal relations. The changes include recruitment of levies and men-at-arms, in which both can be recruited separately. Additionally, all rulers start with a certain amount of men-at-arms already recruited, based on their income. Dynamic garrisons have been introduced, with a min-max value of stationed soldiers, meaning that they deplete when the siege is won to their minimal value, and refill overtime to their maximum value. Furthermore, the Meet Peers feature is added for children, making it easier for them to forge alliances early on in their lives and some cosmetic changes of character portraits, and traits such as Irritable, wrathful, forgiving, etc new interactions and options added.

As for balance, Paradox Interactive strive to keep up with historical accuracy, whilst giving the smaller and weaker realms a fighting chance. Mercenaries are nod recruitable from further away, and Scandinavian adventurers, if defeated, give a larger reprieve in opposition to your realm's size, meaning that larger realms become a target sooner than smaller ones, with modifiers in place making those adventurers not die at sea before reaching their destination. All hired hands, mercenaries, and holy orders cost more the larger your realm is. The diplomacy side of things has been updated as well, making plots easier to organize, independence relatively harder to come by or stomp out, and claims a more dangerous affair than before.

Paradox Interactive Character find presets are available in rules designer Character find presets are available in rules designer

The changes made are relatively simple in nature on the AI side of things, with nothing game-breaking. However, that doesn't mean they are insignificant. The AI changes concern quality of life changes, giving the players more confidence to rely on AI to do as expected, in planning their playthrough, and not commit out-of-character mistakes.

An updated Open Multiplayer Beta is launching tomorrow, June 9, on steam. It will have the same functionality as Azure but will include network stability improvements, that the developers hope to test with the players' help.

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