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Crusader Kings 3 brings customization options alongside balance fixes

Published: 14:30, 29 June 2021
Paradox Interactive
Crusader Kings 3 expansive updates
Crusader Kings 3

Once a player has had a few playthroughs with historically prominent nations, accomplishing one goal or the other, their sights turn to change history itself, and with new customization options, this is more satisfying than ever.

First things first, the developer team has integrated a small patch regarding balance issues in the game. In certain areas, the game was not functioning as intended, causing crashes or ruining progress, so the dev diary has put focus on solving these problems.

The fixes put in place are as follows, as per the developer diary:

Fixed unpause issues in multiplayer if choosing to continue in single-player after network out of sync on 1.4.2,

Fixed crash on saving and progressive dynasty and title coat of arms disappearing,

Fixed UI lists refresh, allowing to access characters for some interactions when they should not be available (i.e.: you could grant vassal to your liege characters from other realms),

Fixed crash happening after starting a fort assault during a crusade on a long playthrough save on 1.4.2.

Furthermore, due to the new features coming out, regarding culture creation, further customization is put into effect. For years now, players have founded their own countries, carving out sovereign domains where there have previously been none.

Paradox Interactive Mercia will not look like Hwicce if players have anything to say about it Mercia will not look like Hwicce if players have anything to say about it

It was quite unfortunate, then, that those countries would be painted by default, and be given a neon pink color on the map, for example, ruining all sense of immersion and accomplishment. Now, players are given a tool to decide their own map colors, whenever new territory is formed. This is not just limited to territories, however, but new religions and cultures as well, which is especially useful with the new features coming.

In the coming five weeks, the developers inform us, dev diaries will be limited in their scope, due to most of the team going on vacation, but we will continue to bring you news on any and all developments that may occur, regardless.

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