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Could this be the first fan made champion in League of Legends?

Published: 14:34, 06 October 2020
Updated: 14:58, 06 October 2020
ArtStation: Albert Bednarski
A picture from a fan made artwork on Arstation
Brenvar - The Chained Glacier

A recent fan art concept for a League of Legends champion has gone viral in the gaming community. It also didn't go unnoticed by Riot's lead gameplay designer.

Fan-made character concepts are very common large in the gaming community, especially when we talk about League of Legends. However, only a few of them have caught as much attention as the concept for a new champion called Brenvar which was made by Albert Bednarski, better known as halfyzz .

Brenvar is a Freljordian fighter who had to fight his way in order to survive in the snow desert's extreme conditions. Even though he awoke his identity of an Iceborn by doing so, Brenvar sadly lost all of his humanity and became a fearful monster along the way.

ArtStation: Albert Bednarski A picture from a fan made artwork on Arstation Brenvar's lore

Brenvar's abilities:

  • Passive: Aura effects are applied to Brenvar’s Glacier instead of Brenvar himself. The Glacier cripples nearby enemies by 8-15 per cent. Purchasing Frozen Heart will double this passive effect.
  • First ability (Q) : Brenvar spins his Glacier, building up the range to throw it. The Glacier will be thrown, breaking champion terrain and knocking up enemies on its path. He will then be forced to fight barehanded until recast. Upon recast, Brenvar will pull the Glacier back to himself, suppressing enemies hit.
  • Second ability (W) : Brenvar exhales cold air and shields himself by a small percentage of his maximum health. Brenvar also deals bonus magic damage while shielded and attacking barehanded.
  • Third ability (E) : With Glacier, Brenvar will leap forward and smash the Glacier in front of him, dealing magic damage and stunning enemies. While barehanded, Brenvar will whip his chain, rooting and damaging enemies in a line.
  • Ultimate (R) : Brenvar summons a huge snowstorm around the glacier that damages and slows enemies inside. As he enters the storm, Brenvar gains a shield based on his maximum health.

ArtStation: Albert Bednarski A picture from a fan made artwork on Arstation Brenvar's model

His interesting playstyle that revolves around utilizing the full potential of his Glacier would be a unique addition to the game. Besides gathering over 25K upvotes on the League of Legends subreddit , the concept also caught the attention Riot's lead gameplay designer, Mark Yetter also known as Riot Scruffy, who showered the artwork with praise on Reddit.

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