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Control update brings performance and stability upgrades

Published: 14:53, 10 October 2019
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Hype for Control was often tempered by fans being cautious about potential performance issues that plague Remedy's games. They were right to have those doubts but the developers have also released a patch that supposedly stabilised it.

Control launched on all mainstream platforms as a hyped-up game that apparently met the fans' expectations in some aspects but the Achilles' heel started showing in the form of bad stability and performance.

Console players would often see single-digit frame rates while even those on PC had issues even when meeting or exceeding the recommended specs. Then again, those with the top-notch hardware could enjoy some extra features Control had to offer.

Remedy Entertainment heard the players' pleas though and released a patch that will apparently increase performance across all platforms and make the game more stable. The patch notes didn't specifically point out what was changed but stated that optimisations were "made to multiple systems and content".

Stability itself got a little bit more of a spotlight though. There is a mention of bug and crash fixes during missions, combat and overall gameplay. Furthermore, "multiple issues" with the PC launcher were fixed. According to the patch notes, these problems originated with DX11 / DX12 integration.

One quality of life change related to performance is that map loading times have been improved but will no longer tease information. Having an option between shorter loading screens and hints, we would hazard a guess that players would choose the former 10 out of 10 times.

More options have been added in the menu and players can now choose to toggle motion blur and film grain on or off, possible improving frame rates further, should they decide to go without the extra effects.

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Master race members will be happy to hear that ultrawide monitor issues have been resolved and UI behaviour will be back to normal, regardless of the chosen resolution.

Remedy also pointed out the changes they made with progression and sound but these are more gameplay-related. You can check the full patch notes on the provided link.

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