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Control is coming to Xbox Game Pass but not really but still might

Published: 22:54, 05 December 2019
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Control seems to be headed for Xbox Games Pass according to Phil Spencer but the developers, Remedy Entertainment, disagree with Microsoft's man. The back and forth between them created a somewhat comical situation and an interesting way the fans' beliefs are leaning.

Phil Spencer stated that Control is a great game that is not getting enough reach during a recent stream on Mixer. However, this all stands to change when the game arrives to Xbox Game Pass which would offer the experience with a lower entry barrier. The statement that the game would come to Game Pass came from the head of Xbox himself. You can see for yourself at 44 minutes in the of the stream.

This was great news for the potential players who wanted to give it a shot without committing to paying the full AAA price tag. However, it wasn't long before Remedy stepped in and . As you may have thought yourself, it would be really odd that someone as high profile as Phil Spencer would disseminate false information like that and you would be right, probably.

It wasn't long until fans started speculating Remedy are trying to cover up the information in order to try and sell more copies of Control at full price before actually announcing the partnership. Spencer jumping the gun is not excluded either as it would make sense to let Remedy sell the game properly during the holiday season, without alerting potential new players to wait for the subscription version.

Furthermore, Remedy's statement on Twitter had the peculiar "at this time" attachment right after saying "we have no news or announcements" which could add more weight to that theory.

505 Games picture showing man flying The question of when Control will join Xbox Game Pass is still in the air

This situation reminded some players of the situation with Bethesda when they Skyrim is coming to Switch. We all know how that .

Keep in mind that not even Spencer mentioned when Control would be coming to Game Pass and that Remedy signed the exclusivity deal with Epic Games Store. It is currently unknown if it mandates that Control will be excluded from all the other stores for the duration or just Steam.

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