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Control is getting a multiplayer spinoff

Published: 12:01, 01 July 2021
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Remedy Entertainment announced something that will be equally exciting and terrifying to the Control fans - a spinoff multiplayer.

Calling the upcoming Remedy game a Control spinoff may not be entirely accurate since the recent dev letter noted they want to expand the world surrounding the game. Furthermore, Mikael Kasurinen the game director of the Control franchise, stated that Control itself is "first and foremost a world" that contains multitudes of stories, events and characters.

In other words, they are aiming to create a new game in this oddball world and different protagonists are almost guaranteed at this point. Project Condor, which is the codename for the upcoming title, is a multiplayer game and according to the post signed by Kasurinen , it will be the expression of the team's wish to expand the world that was only kicked off by Jesse's entry into the Oldest House.

Kasurinen's own words note that there is much more to this world and storytelling will arrive with new entries. He didn't reveal what type of multiplayer we are looking at so it could be a co-op title, a PvP one or a mix of both. If we had to guess, we would lean in the co-op direction since Kasurinen did mention his love for multiplayer that was born of LAN parties in the '90s and one particular instance he mentioned was going into a DOOM co-op session with friends. This could be a hint at Project Condor's direction or just a good old memory. Either way, there is more mention of co-op than other types of multiplayer.

Remedy picture showing a female character Jesse is a beloved character but Project Condor will probably not revolve around her

Fans are probably wondering about the release time or at least release window for the future Control project and Kasurinen didn't really have great news on this front. The exact words were that "It is going to take a long time before [Remedy] show off these projects". On the other hand, there are other games by Remedy on the horizon that will probably be arriving in the meantime.

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