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Constructor developers reveal their Undesirables line-up

Published: 14:39, 28 April 2017
Updated: 13:27, 05 May 2017
System 3
Constructor HD

System 3 released a rundown of the "Undesirables" from their upcoming game, Constructor HD. The game will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of its namesake from 1997.

System 3, the developer studio behind the RTS building sim from 1997, is working on a Constructor HD remake. Today, they've revealed their line-up for the Undesirables set to appear in the upcoming game. Constructor is a building sim as much as it's a "strategic competition". By that, I mean succeeding by bribing the city officials and sabotaging your opponents. 

In the spirit of this "strategic competition", System 3 came up with a cast of unsavoury characters you can use to gain the upper hand in the cutthroat world of engineering and real estate. 

System 3 Constructor HD Constructor HD

Lets go through the list real quick:

  • The Hippy: And here I was, thinking that this will be a rundown of the worst of the worst in the business of subversion and vandalism. Hippies are known as a peaceful bunch, but in Constructor HD they will "hold street parties, squat, or picket an opponent building."
  • Killer Clown: As if the clowns weren't super scary to begin with, you go and add "killer" to the mix. Their description reads "All round dangerous individuals that cause damage all over the place." and that leads me to believe that using them will be kind of a double-edged sword. 
  • The Ghost: Simple, people are scared of ghosts. This statement is backed by the description System 3 gave in the press release: "Scares tenants to within an inch of their lives and sends them packing."
  • : The epitome of every repairman ever: "he’ll bodge the whole job."


System 3 Constructor HD Constructor HD

  • The Psycho: Can easily go hand in hand with the Killer Clown. In fact,  it could have been them dressing up as clowns all along! Their description reads: "Stay away from him, because he’s just plain crazy!" Yeah, no kidding.
  • The Thugs: Here's a bunch you know what to expect from. "These give Phil Mitchell a run for his money as the nastiest piece of work around." 
  • : Bandit, criminal, crook, burglar, robber. "Lock up your valuables, because these guys steal everything."
  • The Gangster: I think he's the most reliable ally one can have in this game. You hire him after all, and as long as someone doesn't offer a larger sum, he's your man. "Your chosen hitman. Need someone silenced, buildings burned to the ground? He’s" wait for it... "your man." I love it when I'm right.


Constructor HD is in development and expected to launch sometime in 2017, to honour the 20th Anniversary of its namesake from 1997. The game will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam. The Switch version will be arriving later this summer. The game is now available for pre-purchase on .

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