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Constructor HD now has a working demo and launches next week

Published: 22:04, 15 May 2017
Updated: 08:45, 18 April 2019

Constructor HD is releasing next week, and a demo is now up on Steam. The demo has been available for a few days now - but didn't quite run, at all; on Windows 7 and 10. Well, it's fixed now and you can go try it out for yourself.

Originally released in 1997, Constructor is a city building game in the same way any GTA is a racing game. Sure, there is construction and real-time strategising, but when it comes right down to it, Constructor is a game about mobsters doing mobster things. The arena for these illegal ventures is the construction business, of course, and the game's successor dropped all pretence and donned the title Mob Rule in some parts of the world.

System 3 Constructor Constructor

System 3's HD remake of the classic game is all about sabotaging the competition while keeping your own tenants happy. The law and common decency are just minor obstacles in this endeavour.

Constructor HD has been delayed several times over the last few months and the PC demo released a couple of days ago was another ups on the developers part. I've tested it on Windows 7 and it works, so you can have a look for yourself. Constructor is a lot of fun now, same as it was back in 1997, except that now it's in HD and has a couple of additional features. Since the old PC version is available with GOG, this modern redo is most likely for the benefit of console players, and interviews with the company have confirmed as much.

System 3 Constructor Constructor

There is a wonderful air of meta behind the development of this reboot, with the frequent delays, the broken demo, and the publishers general motivations for making the HD version in the first place. Here is a little nugget from an interview with System 3 boss Mark Cole with MCV from last year, "Certainly our market research shows that there are a lot of people that would want a different gameplay experience on consoles. For us, attacking the RTS market is the right move because it’s a sector that’s ripe for the picking."

System 3 Constructor Constructor

Constructor HD is set to release 26 May 2017, and with the demo being quite functional, further delays are unlikely. You can pre-order it now if you want to have "10 unique new buildings", for which I have yet to see descriptions of any sort. The pre-order also comes with 2 extra maps and instant access to the old version of the game, for just under £25. Or, you can wait for the full just to make sure that all of the technical issues have been taken care of.



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