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CK III Royal Court will likely have most bugs with the 3D rendering

Published: 01:11, 01 December 2021
Paradox Interactive
Losing your head in court usually means something else
Losing your head in court usually means something else

Whenever a new patch, or an update, or an expansion goes live, there are bound to be some bugs. Especially if that expansion is the size of the Royal Court, so what kind of bugs can we expect to see?

One of the hurdles throughout the development of the court scene were tools - a means for developers to manipulate the scene contents more efficiently - edit objects, characters, lights, change their positions, add or remove to have a toolset that allows more quick iteration and direct interaction.

It takes time to develop a solution that makes this part of work, less tiresome. One of the downsides of not having readily available tools - you have to do those yourself, and sometimes reinvent a wheel multiple times. But luckily, Paradox have an internal tools team that came to rescue the developers, and it improved the processes immensely.

Having tools, however, doesn't mean that the end product is always immediately perfect, and we can see that in the example of 3D rendering where character heads are either massive or non-existent. These specific ones are resolved by now, of course.

Paradox Interactive Crusader Kings 3 - Big-head bug Crusader Kings 3 - Big-head bug

The environment team has made a set of three different variations of each cultural court type that each has their own architectural and/or decorative flair and visuals, the scenes differ more in geometry and configuration or the construction materials used. So there may be more windows and ample light, or a fireplace casting its warm light into your court. 

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