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CK III: Royal Court Expansion will have the sword of Mohammad artifact

Published: 02:01, 30 November 2021
Paradox Interactive
Crusader Kings 3
This throne room needs some artifacts to fill the space

If you go to Istanbul, you may find a museum with tightly guarded artifacts. In it are the artifacts with the highest value in Islam, and one of those, the sword of Mohammad, is being represented in CK III.

Unique artifacts are rarer things that don’t correspond to any of the existing non-adventurer inspirations. They can be relics like one of the swords of Mohammed, a court artifact to be displayed rather than something to fight your enemies with, they can also be great diamonds, or a weapon or crown once wielded by a known king of the past.

Around 50 such artifacts can come to be found in the game, some of which might also exist in a court at the start depending on the start date. Should these be lost at any point adventurers will be eligible to discover them again in their travels. What artifact is found during an adventurer depends on their skill as well as their destination, you won’t find Quernbiter on a journey in India, and also not unless you’ve played past a certain year.

Paradox Interactive Differences between European Artifacts and Indian ones Differences between European Artifacts and Indian ones

For all you who plan on playing with a Muslim country, or a dynasty that is, this will be your opportunity to take on the role Turkey has today, and safe-keep the items of the most important man in Islam. A commendation must be given to the developers, of course, for making a choice that no one can find sacrilegious, but rather pay their respect in this way as well.

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