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CK III Royal Court Expansion introduces a new banner system

Published: 06:56, 19 January 2022
Paradox Interactive
CK III - Banner
CK III - Banner

Heraldry and banners are the bread and butter of any noble looking to shock and awe. To make sure you are not bogged down with making a new one with every conquest, Paradox have delved into developing a new system.

There are currently three types of commissionable banners: Dynasty and House banners depict the respective arms of your family, while Realm banners display the arms of a specific title, generally the primary title of the commissioner. These banners are a cut above the standard colors carried by your armies and heralds; heirlooms in their own right.

You may wonder what happens if the design of a crest changes during gameplay, such as after the Norman conquest, or when using the new Coat of Arms designer to make ground-breaking contributions to the field of heraldry.

Never fear, you will not need to commission new banners every time you nudge a fleur-de-lis; the Artifact’s designs are tied to their corresponding dynasty, house, or title, and will automatically reflect the results of your questionable artistic skills.

Paradox Interactive CK III - Banner CK III - Banner

All Courts begin the game with a House banner, and also with a Dynasty banner if the ruler is a Dynasty Head. Additional banners may be commissioned at any time if you employ an Antiquarian. You will also be presented with these banners upon gaining a Court for the first time if relevant, reflecting your new status as a King or Emperor.

The three banner types grant different bonuses when equipped, with greater benefits from better quality Artifacts. While House and Realm banners use the same logic as other Artifacts to determine their quality, based on the skill of the weaver and other factors, Dynasty banners are their own breed.

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