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Civilization VI is getting battle royale, believe it or not

Published: 18:34, 11 September 2019
2K Games
Maori leader from Firaxis Games' strategy Civilization VI
Civilization VI, Maori

Civilization VI getting a battle royale mode may sound like some dystopian story or a waking nightmare but it's actually come to be a reality. Firaxis and 2K Games have recently announced and detailed the upcoming last nation standing mode.

Firaxis have brought an unholy creation upon this blighted land by putting battle royale into a Civilization title. And when we say "blighted land" we actually mean it literally.

is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where various factions battle to ruin each other's day while a red circle of death is shrinking constantly. There are no mentions of any irradiated chicken dinners for the player that survives last - they will instead be abducted by Sectoids.

Well, not really abducted or by Sectoids but as you can see at the end of the trailer above, the winning player gets picked up by a space ship so they can escape the hellish landscape of now-ruined Earth.

Up to 12 players will duke it out on the map as they battle for resources or the occasional nuclear bomb they casually come across. Unlike the regular modes, players will not need to build up their civilisation from the ground up. They will instead get one of the available factions, each of whom have their own bonuses. For example, the ethically challenged scientists heal twice as fast while the mutants take 50 per cent less radiation damage.

Each faction will start with two combat units and one civilian. The civilian is both key to success or doom since the objective is to get them to the ship while losing the civilian will cause the civilisation to be eliminated.

Players will be able to bolster their ranks with the supply drops and additional units they come across, much like looting in regular battle royales.

2K Giant Death Robots in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. The Barbarians can get Giant Death Robots too.

People were initially joking about Civ VI getting a battle royale mode but now that it's a reality, pretty much everyone is dumbfounded, unable to figure out how to react to the news. It's probably only fair to give it a shot and then judge whether it's a good addition or swing and miss. 

We did have other unholy BR creations before, after all, like the Mario Royale.

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