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Civilization Spring 2017 patch is a warmonger's dream

Published: 13:47, 28 March 2017
Updated: 15:54, 28 March 2017
Civilization VI: Qin Shi Huang

As well as two new civs, the new Civilization VI patch will make harbors properly viable as city districts and see warmonger penalties adjusted so at last they make some sense. In addition, AI will be better at combat, trading and diplomacy.

Civilization VI patch notes have dropped  and it's pretty good news all round. The patch comes this week.

Habors are getting a major adjacency bonus with more bonuses added as a player improves them deeper into the game.

This will finally make coastal cities viable for any civs that don't enjoy specific coastal bonuses - and add an interesting element to our city location dilemmas. Every Civ player loves those dilemmas after all.

Firaxis Civilization VI - Cyrus the Great Civilization VI - Cyrus the Great

Swordsmen are getting a nerf, and Bomber units a boost against cities - both welcome adjustments. Swordsmen were buffered earlier, making them stronger than some equivalent-era unique units. And bombers have been useless.

Warmonger penalties for Diplomatic status are reduced as follows:

  • -20% warmongering if you declare war on a player you have previously denounced
  • -40% warmongering if you capture a city from a player you are at war with


Bit confusing this - the example given makes it clearer:

"Macedon is at war with Persia. If India goes to war with sometime in the middle of this Macedonian/Persian War and captures a Persian city, Macedon will reduce its warmonger penalty against India by 40%."

So in essence, this is recognising and India have a joint enemy.

Alexander the Great - there goes the neighbourhood Alexander the Great - there goes the neighbourhood Alexander the Great - there goes the neighbourhood Alexander the Great - Civilization VI Alexander the Great - Civilization VI

There's also a further adjustment that seems to us could also help address the rampant forward settling in Civilization VI:

"When applying a warmonger diplomatic penalty for capturing a city, reduce that penalty if the city is smaller than the average city in the game."

The reduction is calculated by the following formula: "If the city’s population after conquest is below the average population of all the cities in the game, reduce the warmonger penalty by the percentage that city’s population is below the average."

AI should also now fight more intelligently, with better use of multiple attacking units - which presumably means the single unescorted enemy catapult unit turning up on your doorstep will become a thing of the past. 

One change we do like is: "Added additional information to Defeat/Victory screens, so players will be clearer on why they have lost the game."

2K Games Civilization VI Civilization VI

Not that we've ever lost a game on any difficulty level. Oh no sir. And if you believe that, AltChar are also selling genuine pieces of moonrock for £1.99 to the first 300,000 people who contact us.

While still not the finished article, these latest adjustments and balance changes are welcome and show that Firaxis are responsive to the playerbase. We'll be testing them out and coming back with our conclusions in the next few weeks.


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