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Civilization VI: Rise and Fall expansion rolls out early for Mac and Linux

Published: 09:21, 22 March 2018
Firaxis Games
In-game screenshot of The Khevsureti in Civilization 6: Rise And Fall, Georgia
Civilization 6: Rise And Fall - Georgia - The Khevsureti

Civilization VI's expansion Rise and Fall seems to have rolled out a bit early for the underpaying and overpaying components of the IT sector, Linux and Mac, seeing as how it has no March patch applied, which means no PC cross-play.

While not in any way game breaking, absence of the March patch further puts salt on the wounds of Linux and Mac users, seeing as how they can only play with themselves. Yeah, the wording seems about right.

Firaxis Games Civilization 6: Rise And Fall Georgia in-game screenshot of the Tsikhe Civilization 6: Rise And Fall - Georgia - The Tsikhe

Civilization fans have been hoping that the launch of Civilization VI: Rise and Fall on Linux/Mac will address PC cross-play, or lack thereof, but with the March patch missing, the likelihood of that happening anytime soon is very low to none. 

You may recall Civilization VI: Rise and Fall launching on 08 February 2018 and it didn't take very long for Aspyr Media to follow it up with Linux and Mac versions.

Firaxis Games Civilization VI: Rise and Fall - India Civilization VI: Rise and Fall

The beloved developer, Aspyr, claim to have done all in their power to enable Civ VI: Rise and Fall cross-play between Linux/Mac and PC platforms but to no avail. Apparently, certain game breaking bugs prevent it from being a viable feature for now. Linux and Mac cross-play is fully supported of course.

When we say beloved, we do indeed mean beloved, and Aspyr can prove it. In fact, back when they announced Civ VI for Linux, the company wrote, "A huge heartfelt thanks to all the patient Linux gamers that supported our efforts. Especially those that sent cookies to our office with notes of Civ VI encouragement". 

This just goes to show that marrying the fanaticism of a Civilization fan with that of a Linux user can only lead to cookies in offices, which is the sort of fanaticism that we could all use more of.

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Civilization 6: Rise And Fall - Georgia - Queen Tamar
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