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Chovy turns down Evil Geniuses, follows cvMax to DragonX

Published: 11:28, 04 December 2019
Chovy during a press conference
Chovy during a press conference

Following Griffin incident, cvMax's ban and subsequent reinstatement, it seems like DragonX's team is finally taking shape. Chovy, former GRF midlaner, refused Evil Geniuses' opulent offer and joined the coach in DRX.

DragonX decided to build the team for Season 10 around their star AD carry, Deft, and they brought former Griffin head coach, cvMax, on board to help with that. After LCK Steering Committee tried to ban him permanently from Riot Games competitions, cvMax's ban was suspended and the players that wanted to follow the coach from GRF to DRX could safely do so.

DRX's team building was saved by the way the events turned out as Deft will not be left without reliable teammates. After DRX's trainees, Pyosik and Keria, joined the main roster, it was time to bring about players experienced in major leagues. Doran, who played most of the Summer Split in LCK during Season 9, joined as the new top laner and only mid lane was left open.

Fortunately for DRX, former Griffin mid laner Chovy decided to go with loyalty and not the smell of money as he signed with the Korean team, as reported in their documentary,

It appears that Chinese and North American teams offered much heavier wages for the talented mid laner but it was Evil Geniuses who were closest to signing him. However, Chovy decided to stay in LCK and try to get to World Championship together with cvMax this time around.

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Considering it was cvMax who pushed Chovy into pro play, he remained hopeful the player would indeed decide to sign and play in his team even though DragonX themselves were skeptical about the deal.

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