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Chivalry 2 updates for the first time with Patch 2.0.1

Published: 02:04, 27 July 2021
Tripwire Interactive
Chivalry 2 releases tomorrow
Chivalry 2 is more than just combat

Raise arms Knights, as the first patch for Chivalry 2 is here! Patch 2.0.1 addresses some of the most impactful issues affecting Chivalry 2 at launch. Here is the full list of patch notes, outlined below.

Times march on regardless of the might of warriors. Chivalry 2 must keep up though, and here they bring us the changes that bring balance and overall stability to the game.

PC – Fixed an issue with online presence not updating properly which prevented players from joining and getting into games as a party. For example, if a player is invited to join a party but is already in one, you will receive a message stating is already in a party. Devs expect more improvements in the next update as well.

Fixed an issue where parties dropped out after a match ended and were unintentionally sent back to the main menu.

The Xbox Series S will now play at the intended 60 frames per second! Also, fixed a performance issue where player corpses would negatively impact performance. Developers also improved overall performance during the Lionspire banner stage and fixed some movement corrections that happened while jumping.

Fixed an Xbox crash that occurred when resuming from a suspended state (while on the Store menu), and when attempting to use save data from an Xbox One X console on an Xbox Series S console.

Various combat changes were implemented as well. They range from performance issues and interactions of certain skills, buffs, and nerfs to weapons, as well as classes.

Tripwire Interactive Chivalry 2 character customization Chivalry 2 footman

These include but are not limited to:

Throwable damage was reduced and windups were made slightly slower,

Sprint attack damages reduced,

Sledgehammer made slightly faster,

Shovel deals a little less damage now,

Messer Stab damage reduced,

Active riposte and counter durations now continue for the remaining duration, if the attack is feinted/transitions to heavy attack. Bandage kits no longer deal damage to teammates, friendly fire is the Archers' job.

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