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Medieval fighting simulation, Chivalry 2, classes breakdown

Published: 15:00, 07 June 2021
Tripwire Interactive
Chivalry 2 releases tomorrow
Chivalry 2 is more than just combat

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare put us in the shoes of knights and soldiers, as we spilled blood of enemy combatants. This time, the shoes we must fill are much larger, the enemies much more varied and our class options expanded upon.

Brothers in arms, battles are upon us. The sequel to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Chivalry 2, launches tomorrow, June 8. In regards to that, we bring you the breakdown of classes players can expect to play as in battles to come.

The first class is, historically, the deadliest one on medieval battlefields. the archers are masters of bow and arrow, capable of sniping enemies from afar. The class comes with a lower health pool, as is expected, but great damage potential. Subclasses include Longbowmen, Crowwbowmen, and Skirmishers, and are based upon the weapon of choice, namely that of the longbow, crossbow, or javelins. Due to the nature of the class, each team may only have a set amount of archers in the game.

The next class are the, often romanticized, knights. Knights are the best class for beginners to use and learn the game and mechanics with as all-rounders. Their health pool is large, and their subclasses vary from Officers, Guardians with great shields to Crusaders with higher damage. If nothing else, at least they serve as good meatshields.

The footmen, on the other hand, are the backbone of every army. In Chivalry they take on a more supporting role, with every subclass having a bandage kit to disperse for allies as healing. Their superior speed and polearms weapon choice give them larger range and maneuverability, with subclass options such as Poleman, Man at Arms, and Fiel Engineer. Based on the subclasses, footmen can act as squires to knights, aiding them in battle, line holders with pike arrangements, or terrain-changing specialists, directing the flow of battle with well-placed barricades.

Tripwire Interactive Chivalry 2 character customization Chivalry 2 character customization

And the last, but definitely not the least, are the Vanguard. As the class with the lowest health pool amongst the melee classes, the Vanguard answers the question of what would happen if a fantasy barbarian came to medieval Europe. No shields, weaker armor than their Knight counterparts, but very high damage and large, two-handed weapons, are that answer. Vanguard subclasses are Brute, Raider, and Ambusher. None of which sound very noble, but they do sound extremely dangerous, for the Vanguard does all the dirty work.

All in all, Chivarly 2 brings with it a great amount of variation in gameplay. Aside from their fighting mechanic, the classes, along with their subclasses and special abilities, add to the team-building aspect and steers the game away from just the mindless bashing of enemies.

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