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Even Chinese Rainbow Six Siege fans are angry with visual changes

Published: 13:25, 04 November 2018
Updated: 13:27, 04 November 2018
A lot of operators from Rainbow Six Siege in a promotional picture for Pro League.
Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft have certainly kicked the hornet's nest when they decided to alter Rainbow Six Siege's visuals in order to fit Chinese laws, as western and Chinese fans are in uproar. Their voice seems to be unified - they don't want the changes.

Rainbow Six Siege subreddit page was completely covered in threads complaining about Ubisoft's with Chinese government's censorship. While the highly controversial topic, with mass complaints from players is a sight to behold in itself, it has gained more spotlight as even Chinese players started coming to the subreddit in order to support the other fans and even apologise for the visual changes.

Even though a handful of Chinese players don't play a large role in Ubisoft's decision to censor parts of Rainbow Six Siege and therefore could not force the company to do so, they still felt compelled to .

Another fan stated that they are fed up with having to suffer the restrictions of the Chinese government and don't want to see such restrictions imposed upon Rainbow Six Siege. This person to a Chinese website showing that the Chinese players are just as outraged as the western ones.

One more Chinese player stepped up to that giving in to the censorship demands would set the company's progress back 10 years and make Ubisoft look spineless. They called Ubisoft out on having the resources to actually maintain two separate builds, but not doing so, quoting several other games that did it in the process.

One player from South Eastern Asia stated that Ubisoft's as they are not aiming to meet the standards of the Asian countries' regulations, but rather just that of China. 

Ubisoft Promotional image for Rainbow Six Siege's operator Mute. Rainbow Six Siege - Soon you will be able to mute Mute.

Ubisoft certainly took on a gamble here, as they can take a slice of the Chinese gaming market if they push these changes through. The risk is obvious by now - massive backlash by the existing community, no matter which country these players are from. The possible reward would expanding Rainbow Six Siege eSports into an enormous gaming market, as well as making the game eligible for sale in Wegame's digital store.

So just how big is this market then, to make companies jump into a sea of enraged fans for it? One of the best up-to-date descriptors would be League of Legends' recently finished World Championship 2018. The tournament's finals matches peaked at almost two million viewers via livestreams. That's without the Chinese audience. When you add Chinese viewers into the , the viewership goes up to over 205 million people. 

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