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Chemtech Drake map is destroying League of Legends in-game team balance

Published: 01:53, 30 November 2021
Updated: 20:23, 01 December 2021
Riot Games
Even more camouflage on the Rift with this drake, what can go wrong?
League of Legends - Chemtech Drake is coming back in style

Chemtech Drake's soul ability is already a headache as it is, but how are Riot expecting players to come back into the game, even with the new objective bounties, when half the map is permanently invisible?

The winning team gets too big of an advantage for a feature that is supposed to be neutral. Elemental map changes aren't inherently supposed to give one team an advantage, especially not such a huge advantage, and especially not for the already winning team.

It allows the winning team to gain control over the enemy jungle with ease because regular wards don't work on camo zones. Having to invest control wards to gain vision when you would've just needed to use a regular ward— puts the losing team in a much worse situation which can result in the following:

  • Getting picked off,
  • Getting flanked,
  • Winning team finding big engages where they shouldn't be,
  • Wastage of resources such as key abilities and control wards to gain vision where you shouldn't have to.

Riot Games League of Legends - Qiyana One of these in a game is enough

One mechanic players have suggested, that may help this issue, and still keep the camouflage effect in place is having it be an active feature. Have vents spawn periodically, just like blast cones or vision plants, that allow players to activate them and spew alchemical mist that denies visibility in the area, hence the camouflage.

This would certainly be much better than having the camouflage zones be a permanent addition, and becoming a killing field for fed players.

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