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Spider-Man review roundup, The Heist DLC trailer is out

Published: 08:40, 05 September 2018
Marvel's Spider-man swinging above Manhattan traffic

Spider-Man review embargo is up and Insomniac Games even launched a short teaser trailer for the upcoming DLC called The Heist. At the time of writing, Spidey's Metacritic score is 87 so it's time to see how it fared in more detail.

Gamespot are impressed by Insomniac's storytelling exploits, particularly the pacing and build up. "Marvel's Spider-Man is very good at making its stakes feel sky-high, evil actions genuinely villainous, consequences actually upsetting." They found side-quests a bit tedious and some moves potentially repetitive, even though Spidey still got a .

They found traversing Manhattan with Spider-Man a delight, although they're barely the only ones. In fact, if there was one thing where all Spider-Man reviews agree, it's movement. While it has a very slight learning curve, you'll soon be swinging like a pro. I mean, even watching Spidey swing is zen enough.

IGN pointed out that this fluidity of movement is somewhat disrupted in boss battles, albeit not significantly. They complimented Insomniac on Spider-Man's powers and gadgets being a blast, no pun intended, although they stopped just short of a nine, giving the game .

Spider-Man inevitably attracted comparisons to Batman's Arkham series of games and while they're understandable, the general consensus seems to be that Spidey is a quite different beast. Whether the difference in Batman's and Spider-man's agility warrants such claims is questionable but the fact remains that Spider-Man went for a completely different feel, perhaps best epitomised in Deadpool 2. You know what I'm talking about.

DualShockers called the game superhero game they've played and a masterpiece by Insomniac Games. They thought the game is packed with "lore and pure love for Spider-Man and the Marvel universe".

Deeming Spider-man's villain roster "second perhaps only to Batman's", criticised villains' lack of exposure and their review wasn't as glaring as the rest. They found Spider-man's chapters unevenly paced, adding that "in its efforts to produce compelling human drama, the narrative holds back the good stuff for far too long, resulting in a second act that feels stilted and a third that feels rushed."

Sony Spider-man taking a selfie on top of a tower Spider-man

You can find Spider-man's Metacritic rating along with a bunch of additional reviews .

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