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Cheat makers are shutting down Battlefield 2042 cheats because "the game is dying"

Published: 16:28, 13 January 2022
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Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 cheat providers are suspending the cheats for the game due to poor game performance and low player count. 

Over the last couple of weeks, Battlefield 2042 player count on PC has taken a massive dip, resulting in a lower concurrent player count than previous games such as Battlefield 2042 and Battlefield 1. Many game-breaking issues and missing features are just some of the reasons why players decided to give up on Battlefield 2042 and perhaps return after some substantial updates are released.

Anyway, the player count on PC seems to be so low that the cheat makers have shut down their cheats for Battlefield 2042. People who are illegally selling subscriptions for these cheats have revealed via Discord that Battlefield 2042 cheats have been discontinued for their store due to poor game performance and a low player base. 

"We will discontinue Battlefield 2042 from our store," the cheat providers announced on Discord. "The reason for this decision is the ongoing performance issue with the game which affects the cheat and that most people don't use their subscription anymore since the game is dying"

This is one of those "you can't make this stuff up" situations but look at it from the bright side - it's probably the best anti-cheat out there. Jokes aside, we really feel bad for EA DICE developers who have poured everything they've got into this game, only to see it go down like this a couple of months after the release.

Hopefully, they will turn the tide in their favour with updates and patches, which should be coming soon. 

Battlefield 2042

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