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Century: Age of Ashes finally launches on PlayStation consoles

Published: 13:42, 26 September 2022
Playwing LTD
Century: Age of Ashes
Century: Age of Ashes

Following the release on PC and Xbox platforms, PlayStation players will finally get to dip into the aerial combat that focuses on dragons.

Century: Age of Ashes was released on PC roughly one year ago and while both of the major console competitor series, PlayStation and Xbox, were meant to follow soon, Sony fans had to wait until September 26, 2022, to get their hands on some dragon reins.

Now that the game is playable on PS4 and PS5, you can get it for free on PS Store

Just like any free-to-play title, PlaywingLTD 's dragon fiesta has microtransactions and they appear to be the main source of annoyance for the players thus far.

Players cited a lack of progression as one of the worst parts of Century: Age of Ashes since most dragons are locked behind paywalls, rather than being unlocked through gameplay.

It appears the devs are looking to fix that problem somewhat by introducing battle passes and seasons with the first one, A Shadow Over Skeld, already being available. PS Plus members will get the Dolkuni Lagoon Pack at no extra cost so they might have a bit more content to fiddle with than the average player.

Playwing LTD Century: Age of Ashes Century: Age of Ashes

The season also brought more content, with a new dragon and rider combo called The Stormraiser, as well as a new map. 

Meanwhile, the season pass uses the standard mechanics with the basic and premium tracks, with the latter costing $10. 

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