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Cyberpunk 2077 dev's new mobile studio is making CDPR IP game

Published: 15:30, 21 August 2018
Logo of Spokko, mobile developer acquired by CD Project Red

Even though the name of CD Project Red isn't a developer you'd readily associate with mobile gaming, that is about to change as Cyberpunk 2077 developer decided to acquire majority stake in Spokko, a Polish mobile games developer.

With mobile gaming proving to be way more lucrative than anything PlayStation 4, Xbox One or the master race can muster these days, getting your foot in the door is imperative, which is exactly what CDPR did by acquiring Spokko. CDPR announced the news on their website, saying that the new company will get access to CDPR's IP and its "creative and commercial muscle".

"They approached us with an interesting idea based on one of our brands – an idea we decided to invest in", CDPR said, adding that Spokko's vision involves "an entirely novel creative angle". They didn't say exactly what CDPR's IP are we talking about here, although there aren't many available guesses to begin with.

With the list of CDPR's original titles including the Witcher trilogy, Gwent: The Witcher Card game and the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077, it would seem like an easy guess. If I were to speculate freely, Cyberpunk 2077 would probably be out of the question whereas Gwent doesn't really fit into the "entirely novel creative angle" thing, being a card trading game after all.

That would make Geralt the prime suspect for CDPR's future mobile aspirations and seeing as how their two earlier attempts at mobile Witchery flopped miserably, Spokko's new vision could help in spreading some of that Witcher addiction to mobile. After all, if you've had a go at either of the games, like I have, you probably regret it, like I do, for dragging Geralt's good name through the mobile mud. 

CD Project Red Poster for CD Project Red's flopped MOBA The Witcher: Battle Arena The Witcher: Battle Arena, CDPR's mobile flop from 2015

CDPR's says that the new studio will remain largely independent, with a "distinct identity and creative autonomy". Spokko claim that their days of making casual games are over and that they've got their sights set on "a far more advanced and ambitious project", which can be easily corroborated by the amount of job listings on .

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