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Netflix to talk about turning their shows into games on E3 2019

Published: 13:19, 14 May 2019
artwork from strangers things the game showing pixel characters
Strangers Things

Netflix have officially announced their own panel at world's biggest gaming expo - E3 2019. In just under a month, Netflix's NX team will talk about bringing their own shows into games and possibly reveal some new, yet unannounced titles.

American streaming giant Netflix are looking to expand their gaming catalogue even further judging by their latest plans, which include an appearance on this year's E3 expo. The company revealed via their official Twitter, that their NX team, which promotes sci-fi and fantasy, will talk about turning Netflix's originals into video games.

Netflix's initial announcement does not include further details about their E3 2019 panel, but in one of their following tweets, they confirmed that the upcoming beat 'em up Strangers Things 3: The Game will be featured along with something else, but they did not reveal what exactly could this mysterious reveal be.

Strangers Things 3 was announced by Netflix back in December 2018 for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation, Switch and mobile. It's scheduled to launch on 04 July 2019, along with the third season of the popular TV series.

Other than that, there is nothing in the last few weeks to suggest what could Netflix bring to their E3 2019 showcase. Of course, there are many quality TV series that could become great games if done right. For example, The Umbrella Company, Death Note or even Bright film with Will Smith. The possibilities are there, that's for certain.

Another thing that Netflix could reveal on E3 2019 are their interactive TV shows like Black Mirror's Bandersnatch or the latest survival series with Bear Grylls. Some would say that these don't fall into gaming category but who knows, maybe Netflix see them that way. 

Also, it is unknown if Netflix work on some big projects or their new games will be something on a smaller scale, similar to Stranger Things 3.

Press kit picture showing character from The Witcher 3 with Henry Cavill as Geralt The Witcher 3

You can check Netflix's announcement on their official and if you are excited about their E3 2019 panel, you may want to give them a follow for new details such as specific date and time and more.

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