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CCP say EVE Online team still want to make spin-offs

Published: 15:37, 12 April 2019
CCP Games
Screenshot from Project Nova, EVE Online based FPS
Project Nova

CCP have been looking for ways to expand the EVE Online franchise for a while now, but it seems none of what they tried really did the trick. That, however, is certainly not stopping the team, says the studio's CEO Hilmar Veigar Petursson.

We've caught wind of CCP's plans for back in October 2018, when it was described as a "hybrid FPS set in the dystopian sci-fi universe of EVE Online, featuring tactical co-op PvE and competitive PvP coupled with a deep and meaningful progression system."

Unfortunately, and in spite of CCP's best efforts in consulting players and designers, the project was put on indefinite hold sometime in December 2018, for reason of failing to meet the studio's standard in excellence.

CCP were hoping not to repeat Dust 514, which launched as a PlayStation 3 exclusive and looked like a grand undertaking on paper, ultimately failing to deliver in practice and being shut down three years later.

Nevertheless, Petursson is adamant that CCP will simply keep hacking away at the spin-offs until they find one that sticks, likening the attempt to building a second city in the country of EVE Online.

"It is such an unprecedented thing that we're going to try and fail and try again for a few more years until we crack it. At CCP we keep at it until we figure it out", he said.

CCP have been bought by South Korean publisher Pearl Abyss and while it doesn't seem to have affected the company's daily operations, it does seem to have shifted their development focus somewhat.

Indeed, Petursson claims to be currently playing EVE Echoes, which is said to bring the full EVE Online experience to mobile phones and he's pretty impressed with it.

CCP Games Screenshot from Project Nova, EVE Online based co-op shooter Project Nova

"It doesn't make sense how it fits on a phone. NetEase has done an amazing job taking their own PC MMOs and making mobile versions of them, inspired by the task of 'what's the most impossible challenge'", he said, insisting that it will "blow your mind away when you see it.”

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Project Nova, CCP Games' shooter set in EVE Online universe

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Project Nova

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