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CCP Games tease Project Nova, shooter set in EVE universe

Published: 18:22, 20 October 2018
Updated: 18:25, 20 October 2018
CCP Games
Screenshot from Project Nova, EVE Online based FPS
Project Nova

CCP Games have launched a teaser trailer for Project Nova, the company's new first-person co-op shooter set in the EVE Online universe. There are already some PvE gameplay videos that suggest CCP will have a better time than with Dust 514.

In case you don't remember Dust 514, it was CCP's first attempt at EVE Online related FPS. It launched exclusively for PlayStation 3 and was connected to EVE Online, so that player actions in one of the games affected the other. The game sounded just incredible on paper, but failed to make a proper splash and was shut down 3 years later.

CCP describe Project Nova as a "hybrid FPS set in the dystopian sci-fi universe of EVE Online, featuring tactical co-op PvE and competitive PvP coupled with a deep and meaningful progression system." From what we've seen so far, it seems like CCP employed the lessons learned on Dust, although it's still too early to tell.

Project Nova, which is a working title by the way, puts players in the shoes of Warclones, which are elite soldiers fighting against Sansha's Nation. Summoned by AEGIS, the Concord division's defence specialists, players will be indulging in "tactical co-op PvE and explosive PvP modes, with a strong emphasis on mastery and strategy".

CCP wrote that Project Nova will have a multiple-act narrative that will rely on procedurally generated objectives and adaptive enemy AI, so as to ensure no two games are alike. Its squad-based FPS gameplay supposedly revolves around delivering payloads, while building automated defences to hinder the other team.

We're saying supposedly because, at the time of writing, CCP only showed the PvE mode, which is built around holding control points while fighting off waves of enemies, extracting once you've done your part. Basically, it's the standard PvE mechanism commonly found in games like Warframe and Destiny.

CCP Games Large spaceship from Project Nova, EVE Online based co-op shooter Project Nova

CCP says that Project Nova's progression system will allow for great customisation of playstyle via abilities, weapons and skills. Dropsuits, which are Warclones' armour sets, come in light, medium and heavy variants, each with two variations and a bunch of upgrades.

You can find CCP's official announcement of Project Nova , or if you're interested in seeing the game in action, you can check out IGN's 20-minute gameplay video .

Project Nova, CCP Games' shooter set in EVE Online universe

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Project Nova

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