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Carrion gets hilarious interview with lead actor and he's in it for art

Published: 20:01, 01 August 2020
Devolver Digital
A flamethrower wielding enemy in Carrion.
Flame on! It goes without saying, but you should probably flank these dudes.

Carrion, a delightfully gory platformer by Phobia Game Studio, has received an equally as delightful trailer that explains the lead actor's mo-cap horrors.

"Creep behind the screams of Carrion with the star of the game itself. From motion capture to stuntwork, this monster does it all", says the trailer description and it's hard to argue. 

We've been pretty vocal about Carrion's protagonist predicament, as he's got a really bad rep for someone just trying to get home. Y'know, to him - it's almost like one big rush hour. 

As you'll soon see from the trailer, Behind the Screams is a documentary of how Carrion was made. Being an actor, an alien one no less, is no easy job and bringing it all together takes more sacrifice than snatching that Miss World crown. 

Granted the sacrifices are mostly those of squishy humans but hey - we don't hear anyone complaining. Not anymore, that is. 

Jokes aside, Carrion has been out for slightly more than a week and the actor dude is not lying - it's got awesome review scores, quite deservedly so. 

Carrion takes a full anti-hero turn and puts you in the role of the, ahem, our actor over here, as he's climbing in the windows and snatching yo' people up. We're almost disappointed he's not really crunching on people - it felt so real. 

"I'm in it for the art - that's what I do", the protagonist insists, and you'd be hard pressed to disagree. Especially if you come face to face with him, because he might hard press yoiu with a door, or worse. 

Carrion indie horror by Phobia and Devolver Digital

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