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Carrion gets a chilling launch trailer dubbed Become the Monster

Published: 15:45, 22 July 2020
Devolver Digital
The creature in Carrion impaling a human.
You'll be amazed at how fast you grow accustomed to brutal murder... Maybe that's just us...

Carrion, the human-hunting horror platformer by Phobia Game Studio and Devolver Digital, has received a trailer well worth the watch, just in time for launch.

Now, we won't be spoiling the trailer much when we tell you it's how Carrion pretty much begins. After all, what players will be concerned with is how to bring the poor defenceless thing through this dangerous world. 

Okay, Carrion isn't really poor or defenceless, but we're trying to build a case here - c'mon, cut the poor guy some slack. So where were we - yes, Carrion was about to visit his sickly grandmother, when these...okay you got us. 

There will be a lot of killing of humans, yes. No, you won't hate it, you'll actually be doing it. And you'll love it - just like we did. 

In his hands-on preview, Jonathan wrote , "Zipping around the environment and gobbling up unsuspecting humans is a devilish delight. You have to consume enemies in order to grow, but you're hardly invincible; flanking adversaries armed with flamethrowers is one of many considerations you have to factor into your approach."

This is, in essence, everything you need to know about Carrion gameplay - you move, much quicker at first, and eating humans helps you grow. The bigger you get, the more sluggish your movement is and you're also tougher, but you also can't move everywhere you'd like. 

Devolver Digital The creature eating a human in Carrion. Consuming humans is important for a balanced diet.

Expect plenty of pretty graphic sequences, as Phobia Game Studio didn't hold back in depicting flying limbs and crunchy humans. 

In case we didn't drive home just how much we fell for Carrion, Jonathan will clarify:

"Carrion has skyrocketed into our list of most anticipated indie titles for next year. It's challenging, feels great to play, and puts such an interesting spin on the genre that we can't wait to see more."

Carrion indie horror by Phobia and Devolver Digital

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