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Capcom step up esports and create Street Fighter feeder leagues

Published: 09:52, 10 May 2019
Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition Roster
Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition

In an effort to boost their esports business, Capcom have announced they'll be creating and investing into three new leagues, which will serve as feeder leagues for the company's flagship esports tournament Street Fighter League: Pro-JP.

Just in case you're not familiar with the term, feeder teams/leagues are basically breeding grounds for younger players, before they go for the big leagues, or in this case, Capcom's ultimate Street Fighter proving grounds. 

As of this month, Capcom are planning for three more leagues, starting with the one aimed at Japanese arcades and accordingly named Street Fighter League: Arcade 2019.

The second league is aimed at students and it's called Street Fighter League: College-JP 2019. According to Capcom's current plan, it's scheduled to kick off in June 2019.

Last but not least is the Rookie's Caravan 2019, which kicks off later this summer and is sort of a travelling competition that lets rookies get in on the fun. 

Note, however, that Rookie's Caravan isn't a new thing, as the arcade version has visited six cities in Japan in 2018, but it does seem to be the first time it will be considered as a feeder option for Street Fighter League: Pro-JP.

Winners from the Arcade and College leagues, along with the top ranking Rookie's Caravan players, will be taking part in the so-called tryout leagues, where they'll hopefully catch the eye of the Pro League teams. 

In general, and we're talking about actual sports here, feeder teams are a tried and true mechanism for boosting the quality of a competition and/or squad, so Capcom will be hoping for a similar outcome.

Capcom have been stepping up their esports efforts lately, even laying foundations to bring their Street Fighter competition to the US, initially via online Street Fighter V Arcade Edition matches in the new Street Fighter Pro League.

Capcom Picture of the legendary comeback in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Street Fighter 3: Third Strike - The Daigo Parry

Well, we hope that Capcom's efforts in finding fresh blood for Street Fighter bear fruit, and if they can produce more moments like the already legendary fight, it'll be more than worth it for everyone involved.


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