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Capcom: Monster Hunter: World's PC sales exceeded expectations

Published: 11:30, 19 September 2018
Updated: 16:37, 19 September 2018
A reptile looking monster from Capcom's Monster Hunter: World
Monster Hunter: World, nah, he's a marshmallow, trust us

Capcom's latest announcement mixes the sour news with the sweet as the company's PC launch of Monster Hunter: World, which exceeded expectations, will not be enough to offset the losses incurred by closing of their Vancouver studio.

We'll go in the order Capcom chose, which dictates that bad news goes first. Namely, the company forecasts losses from "the termination of development projects" and the disbanding of Capcom Game Studio Vancouver, Inc., which the company calls "reviewing the allocation of its development resources".

In human terms, we're talking about closing of the 158-strong studio that made Dead Rising 2 back in 2010, when they were still called Blue Castle Games. After they were snapped up and renamed to Capcom Vancouver, the studio churned out Dead Rising 2: Off the Record and two more instalments in the franchise, along with a 2017 mobile game Puzzle Fighter.

Capcom Vancouver never officially confirmed that Dead Rising 5 is in development, but Capcom's announcement all but confirms it for them. The company says that terminating the studio's development projects will cost them around 4.5 billion Yen, which amounts to $40 million and some loose change.

To make the news more bearable to shareholders though, Capcom stressed that "the continued robust performance of the PC version of Monster Hunter: World" exceeded their expectations since it launched on Steam in August 2018. They did point out that this will not change the forecast for consolidated business results or interim and/or year-end dividends.

NPD numbers seem to agree though, with PC sales driving the title to second best selling game in the US in August 2018. Note that this includes console sales, but those alone weren't enough for a top 20 place in July 2018, so you do the math.

Capcom Lunastra, Capcom's addition to Monster Hunter: World Monster Hunter: World

Of course, what Capcom failed to mention was that in spite of its popularity, Monster Hunter: World hasn't had the greatest of times on PC. At the time, Tencent from their WeGame service and it took a lot of fixes, both Capcom's and the , to make the game run stable.

Heck, the man behind popular Special-K graphics mods even called them , due to an awkwardly implemented anti-mod system.

You can find Capcom's announcement .

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