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Capcom could announce Resident Evil Village DLC at Tokyo Game Show

Published: 10:19, 03 September 2021
Resident Evil: Village creature
Resident Evil Village, we think he's protesting loot boxes!

Alleged schedule of Capcom's Tokyo Game Show presentation has surfaced via 4chan. The schedule includes Resident Evil Village DLC reveal as well as the Pragmata gameplay trailer.

Japanese developer and publisher Capcom will be present at the upcoming gaming expo Tokyo Game Show, which kicks off at the end of September. As expected, Capcom did not reveal their lineup of games that will appear at the event but apparently, the full presentation has surfaced online via the controversial message board 4chan.

Given that 4chan is the source of the leaked schedule, we strongly suggest that you take this with a dose of scepticism since most 4chan leaks turn out to be fake. 

Here is the alleged schedule for Capcom's Tokyo Game Show presentation:

  • IP showcase opening video
  • Resident Evil Village DLC Teaser Trailer + Dev interview
  • Resident Evil Re:Verse Trailer + release date
  • Resident Evil Merchandise promotion
  • Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City Video
  • Resident Evil 25th anniversary special announcement
  • Ace Attorney new title announcement + Dev inteview
  • MH Rise PC trailer
  • MH Stories 2 expansion trailer + Dev interview
  • MH Riders Update trailer
  • MH Merchandise promotion
  • Pragmata gameplay trailer

4chan Capcom's leaked Tokyo Game Show presentation Capcom's leaked Tokyo Game Show presentation

As you can see, Capcom plan to show a lot if the list is correct, of course. We would love to see some Pragmata gameplay but Resident Evil Village DLC also sounds intriguing as well as a new Ace Attorney game. 

Whether this list is just someone's wishlist or the real thing, well, it's hard to say. Guess, we'll have to wait and see.

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