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Call of Duty Mobile celebrates Easter with special limited-time events

Published: 13:01, 10 April 2020
Call of Duty: Mobile screenshot showing colorful Easter skins
Call of Duty: Mobile - Easter skins

Call of Duty: Mobile has three Easter-related events going on right now all the way until 19 March 2020. The events are available in Prop Hunt and Battle Royale modes and have special rewards like the Easter version of the RUS-79U.

Activision have introduced a variety of Easter-related events to their free to play mobile Call of Duty game. The Easter events are now live on both Android and iOS and they bring some themed challenges and changes with more free gear and items.

There are three major events in the game that will be available until 19 March 2020. Easter Prop Hunt, Battle Royale Easter Egg Event and Easter Egg Collection. Here are some basic details about each.

Easter Prop Hunt

As the name suggests, it is a Prop Hunt mode with Easter makeover. You'll get to play as an Easter Egg and hide while other players are trying to figure out your location. 

Battle Royale Easter Egg Event

Once again, the name says it all. A Battle Royale mode has received a few Easter related changes around the map. Search for eggs, find loot and don't forget to visit the Circus while the event is running.

Easter Egg Collection

This event just wants to reward you with special, Easter-themed skins that you can see in the image above. Jump into Battle Royale or Multiplayer, get some kills, collect Easter Eggs and grab these rewards, including the colourful version of the RUS-79U.

Activision cod mobile screenshot showing two characters on Rust location Call of Duty Mobile

Both Prop Hunt and Battle Royale modes have their own challenges and rewards and between those, you'll find Easter leaderboards and a bunch of other ways to grab special skins and store credits.

Find more info about the events here.

Call of Duty Mobile is a shooter by Activision and Tencent

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