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Burgers 2 available now on Steam Early Access

Published: 15:13, 06 January 2017
Burgers 2

Burgers 2 is an indie RPG that carries on the story of Erwin Freud, a World War II veteran

During the WWII, Freud and his squad eradicated the source of an alien infestation threatening to destroy the world. Now, 72 years after the events in the first game, the source of infestation is back and Freud is called upon to to a hero once again.

The sequel features new missions in the Arena and bosses with unique abilities, so every fight poses a new challenge. Looting, crafting and trading are also part of the package. The story line of the first game is continued and will be expanded upon, in order to answer questions like "How is Freud still alive?".

Burgers 2 Burgers 2

Free updates will be available after the game releases on January the 8th. The game is available now on .

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