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Bungie will reduce pricing on Destiny 2 DLC bundle with Forsaken

Published: 17:19, 12 October 2018
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Destiny 2: Forsaken

Bungie have announced that they will be bundling Destiny 2 Expansion Pass with Forsaken on 16 October 2018. Therefore, the price for the full DLC package will cost 40 per cent less, and will include rewards for those who already bought it.

During the lifespan of Destiny and Destiny 2, Bungie have exhibited many greedy practices, to the players' detriment, but it seems like they are finally budging, ever so slightly. They have announced that those who purchase Forsaken will also get Warmind and Curse of Osiris in the package.

Considering it's been over a months since Forsaken hit the store shelves, many players have already bought it on top of the other two expansions and may feel scammed out of their money. Normally it wouldn't present much of an issue, as value of games degrades over time, but it's been only a month and new players will pay way less than the loyal ones who got it earlier.

To that end, Bungie have exclusive and not-so-exclusive rewards for the players who shelled out the big bucks. Those who bought Forsaken and will buy it before 16 October 2018 will get the Veteran reward pack that will include consumables that are not exclusive, two emotes that will be timed exclusives as well as a unique shader and an emblem that will be the true exclusives.

A shader and an emblem are hardly worth the full price of expansions that the long time players paid for, but Bungie have made a point that they have witnessed several in-game events that the new, future users, will not. Be that as it may, some players are sure to have their feathers ruffled with these decisions.

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Sadly, there is no mention of Season Pass owners getting Forsaken for free, so those who may have bought the pass but quite the game beforehand may still not get the latest expansion. There is currently no official confirmation, but it should be cleared up in a few days.

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