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Bungie is looking into fixing Destiny 2's third person peeking

Published: 18:11, 30 January 2021
Destiny 2 - Control
Destiny 2 - Control

Destiny 2 has one major problem in the top of PvP activities - people abusing third-person perspective to gain tactical advantage and now it seems Bungie is finally gearing up to deal with it.

Destiny 2 PvP is high octane and fun at times. When it's not fun, there are a few usual suspects - shotguns, snipers and third-person peeking. It is the last one on the list that has been persistent ever since the days of the original Destiny since a Guardian can just equip a sword and get to see what's behind a corner without exposing any of their hitboxes. Furthermore, they can also use emotes to the same effect so their favourite loadout doesn't even have to suffer.

Anyway Bungie's CM, Cozmo, recently acknowledged that the team is aware of the feedback and are "currently discussing possible options". He added that there are no promises but the devs are investigating viable changes that wouldn't ruin the experience in the Crucible and other PvP activities.

According to Cozmo, this is a complicated issue since it involves emotes, swords and any potential future third-person weapons. That last bit is particularly interesting since it hints we could be looking at completely new weapon classes in the future.

Then again, it might be too early to talk about that since we are still seemingly at the grassroots level of fixing the third person issues.

That doesn't mean a fan or two can't speculate about interesting new things to come though, right?

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