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Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson returns for World of Warplanes

Published: 17:21, 06 August 2018
A twin engine plane flying in World of Warplanes
World of Warplanes

In case you weren't aware of the ongoing cooperation between Wargaming's World of Warplanes and Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson, you are now and trust me - Aces High doesn't even scratch the surface of what the man is set to teach you now.

Dickinson's fans know that when he's not being an absolute heavy metal legend, the man is spending time flying airplanes, with quite some high profile flights in his repertoire too. Yeah, other than flying Iron Maiden around, as he was flying football teams, stranded airmen and tourists, etc.

The series he's doing with Wargaming is called Bruce Dickinson's Warplane Diaries and it does a great job at introducing some of the planes used in World of Warplanes. Seeing as how this is the same company that brought us World of Tanks, you can imagine there's plenty to talk about.

They're off to a great start as well, because since Dickinson started his partnership with World of Airplanes on 18 June 2018, he's already racked up quite a few videos of various flying icons from World War II and the so called Golden Age of Military Aviation. Seeing as how this is the era the game focuses on, it's not hard to see how the love story unfolded.

So far, Dickinson and Wargaming covered the Hawker Hurricane, Messerschmitt BF 108, Focke-Wulf FW 190, De Haviland Mosquito, Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, Hawker Tempest, Stuka JU87 and to layman perhaps the most iconic, the Spitfire, which you can see on the video below.

To bluntly steal the comment of one of the fans from the youtube video comments, Dickinson has a knack for teaching more about an airplane than your school teachers did, so it's a pretty nice viewing. Besides, being bite sized at 3-4 minutes tops, what've you got to lose?

I must admit that even though Wargaming's partnering for the World of Tanks' World Cup Mode was a nice gimmick, the partnering with Dickinson is much more to my liking. I mean, it's educational and very game related. Plus, you know...Aces High.

World of Warplanes, Wargaming's take on the Golden Age of planes

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World of Warplanes

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