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Borderlands movie casts Florian Munteanu as Krieg

Published: 09:27, 10 March 2021
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Picture of Krieg from Borderlands 2
Borderlands 2 - Krieg

Having been fairly confident that Borderlands' first foray onto the big screen won't feature Krieg, nobody was happier than yours truly upon hearing everyone's favourite psycho has been cast.

The movie's director Eli Roth has added another name to Borderlands' cinematic roster, and it's Florian Munteanu, whom you may know from his portrayal of Viktor Drago in Creed II. 

Given that Krieg's role is inherently physical, Munteanu's casting couldn't have been more perfect, and we've no doubt the big man will handle the internal dialogue well too. Which, by the way, should be a blast as usual. 

Unlike the rest of the psychos created by Dr. Benedict, there's a bit of actual Krieg left in there. That said, he's barely the one in control, and he's often relegated to the role of an observer in his own body, while the psycho Krieg does his own thing. 

Knowing that, you can imagine why I thought Krieg will have to wait on a sequel for his appearance but, thankfully, the Borderlands movie crew thought otherwise and the shiniest meat bicycle is proudly featuring in the franchise's big-screen debut. 

"Krieg was by far the most difficult role to cast, and Florian brought him to life and grounded him in a way that I didn't know was possible. He's going to be a brilliant Krieg and will fit in perfectly with our incredible cast", Roth said. 

Gearbox Picture of all the protagonists from the first thee Borderlands games All mainline Borderlands protagonists

And what a debut it's turning out to be - Borderlands the movie came practically out of nowhere, and the somewhat unlikely pairing of comedian Kevin Hart and actress Cate Blanchett quickly got a bunch of big names next to them. 

It's quite a star-studded cast too, and it's been confirmed that Borderlands the movie will also feature Jack Black, who needs no introduction, and Jamie Lee Curtis, another big name in the world of acting.

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