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Borderlands 3 Loot the Universe mini event schedule

Published: 14:43, 23 April 2020
Updated: 14:51, 23 April 2020
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Borderlands 3 - Loot the Universe mini-event schedule
Borderlands 3 - Loot the Universe mini-event

Borderlands 3 is replacing the Co-op Loot Drop event with Loot the Universe mini-event. Starting on 23 April, each week will see a different planet in the game's universe have increased chance of dropping its own dedicated Legendary weapon type.

Every Vault Hunter worth their salt knows that looting must never, under any circumstances, ever stop. With this sentiment in mind, Borderlands 3 is hosting a series of Loot the Universe mini-events. Loot the Universe will take the place of the Co-op Loot Drop event that is set to end on 30 April. 

The 23 April patch will kick off Mayhem Mode 2.0 and the Revenge of the Cartels seasonal event along with Loot the Universe - a four-week tour of the Borderlands 3 solar system perfect for Legendary loot farming - Promethea is so nice this time of year.

Each week of the Loot the Universe mini-event will see one of the planets in Borderlands 3 become a treasure trove of loot and specific types of Legendary loot will have an increased chance of dropping in one of that planet's zones. 

The affected zones have their own dedicated Legendary weapon type (Pistol, Shotgun, SMG, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, or Heavy), and may also have increased chances for Legendary gear types (Class Mods, Artifacts, Shields, or Grenade Mods).

A schedule of all the planets that will be affected during Loot the Universe :

  • Week 1 (4:00 p.m. GMT 23 April to 3:59 p.m. GMT 30 April) - Pandora.
  • Week 2 (4:00 p.m. GMT 30 April to 3:59 p.m. GMT 7 May) - Promethea.
  • Week 3 (4:00 p.m. GMT 7 May to 3:59 p.m. GMT 14 May) - Eden-6.
  • Week 4 (4:00 p.m. GMT 14 May to 3:59 p.m. GMT 21 May) - Nekrotafeyo.

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