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Borderlands 3 is free on Epic Games Store

Published: 15:29, 19 May 2022
Borderland's cartoonish graphics
Borderland's cartoonish graphics

A surprise to be sure but a welcome one. Today's unannounced free game on Epic Games is the ARPG Borderlands 3.

Epic Games Store is known to give freebies, as for more than a year they are giving one or two games for free each week. Most free titles are indie games, but every couple of months, usually in a streak, we have AAA titles given for free, which often crashes Epic Games Store for a brief period, or more if we take Rockstar's GTA 5 giveaway into account.

But usually, when they are giving away AAA titles, we have rumors or announcements earlier, but not this time, as this giveaway came out of the blue.

For the next 7 days, Epic Games users will be able to add Borderlands 3 to their game library for free. 

Earlier editions of this game have been free as well, but not the last edition in the series, with the previous historical low of $4.99.

Altchar Game is filled The game is filled with popular cultural references like Rick and Morty for example

Borderlands 3 is an action role-playing first-person shooter video game developed by the Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games in 2019. It is the fourth entry in the Borderlands series, with many DLCs in between.

Borderlands is a fun game, especially when played in a group. It has a fun story, creative twists and missions, and a good replay value. It is very popular in the co-op community, and a great game to enter the co-op world with your significant other. 

The game sold more than five million copies within the first five days and more than 15 million in total, with the franchise selling over 74 million copies.

You can get the game for free at the official Epic Games store.

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