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Many reasons why Borderlands 3 is worth playing in 2022

Published: 16:35, 19 May 2022
The game has recognizable humor
The game has recognizable humor

Borderlands 3 is free this week on Epic Games store. And you're probably wondering is it worth your time? Absolutely.

Borderlands 3 is an action role-playing first-person shooter video game published by 2K Games and developed by Gearbox Software. It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One initially, and had a free upgrade for its users for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PlayStation 5.

The game is the fourth in the series which slowly reached a cult following behind it. The community is very much alive and you can get help, tips, or partners to play on Discord at any time, not just for Borderlands 3, but also for its prequels.

The game is unique and adequate for all ages, and both genders, as the game is one of the most played games among females.

  Fun in group and solo

Although the game is meant to be played in a group, and we do recommend it, it can also be played solo.

If you're going to play solo, we recommend playing with FL4K, as his pets can replace the group. FL4K is the Beastmaster, a hunter class, has 1 of 3 pets at his side, can send out flying monsters, and supercharge one of his pets.

As for the group, it can be fun with any number of players. The number of enemies scales up with the number of players, so even with a group of four, you're still going to have to fight your way through the map.  And having different characters with different sets of skills, you can fully utilize every member of the team differently. 

The game has the usual revive method to lift your teammates, however, it is on a timer so a person can die and respawn at the spawn location if he doesn't get revived in time. The player also can kill one enemy to revive himself, but cannot move and has degrading vision as the time passes.

Borderlands is also popular among couples because of its cartoonish look, fun missions, and not too challenging games, so people who don't enjoy FPS that much can still enjoy the game without much frustration.

Altchar Cartoonish graphics give it unique visuals Cartoonish graphics give it unique visuals

  Great repeat value

Once you finish the game, you unlock the True Vault hunters mode. True Vault Hunter Mode is a mode where players replay the campaign on a more difficult setting retaining all of their skills, Levels, XP, guns, and equipment. But the enemies also scale up with the player, making it much more difficult but rewarding.

The game has many side missions and maps that are often fun to explore as they have many hidden gems or Easter eggs. 

You can also change characters after you finish the game, as each character is unique and has its pros and cons. 

Notably, some characters are more powerful than others, but considering this is a PvE game, the M.E.T.A. element is not too important and you can have fun switching between characters.

  Fun, crazy and memorable missions

Most missions include loot and shoot aspects while traveling from the map to the map fighting different opponents to reach different end goals. 

But how many games can you name that have you fighting a dubstep boss firing music from the huge speakers that surround (pun intended) you creating an arena? Check out this short clip below to see how unique this game is. 

Other notable missions include killing a popular streamer in a Battle Royale environment,  helping a bandit win a game show to catch one girl's attention, killing yourself on a platform, firing some lunatic from a cannon to the moon, and slam dunking a basketball with a huge jump.

  The nerd inside you is gonna love it

If there is a tiny bit of nerd inside you, he's going to love this game. 

From mission where you help the notoriously bad movie director Tommy Wiseau ( The Room) project and premiere his film, to killing Rick and Morty, getting a ring and fighting a Gollum-styled creature from Lord of the rings, getting rid of a massive laser device that traps spirits like in Ghostbusters and much more.

Dialogue, characters' names, and missions are also constantly filled with references which you'll probably miss most on the first run, but catch in the second.

Borderlands Buff as a reference to Room director, Tommy Wiseau

And in the end, it is free.

You can try the game without the risk of paying, and if you happen to like it, there is a number of titles in the Borderlands series which you can play next

Since most of them are quite old now, they can be purchased cheaply, or you can wait for another freebie as most of the earlier titles have been free at some point in time.

Get the game at the official Epic Games Store for free.

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